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Ashley says:

Its revolutionary!


Zachary Lewis says:

I, Revolutionary!

marshall says:

its, uh, nice, but you need a more obvious way to close it besides clicking on "news"

Zachary Lewis says:

What do you suggest?

Waf says:

Might wanna make "Click for news" so they know to click the bar.

marshall says:

a button that says "exit"

Zachary Lewis says:

How about this:

The news doesn't disappear, it is only the comments pane that moves. Eh?

Ashley says:

I kind of enjoyed the news dissapearing. But this makes more sense. Ya did a good jorb.

marshall says:

i could sit here all day and toggle the comments! way too much fun!

Waf says:

So... anyone like or hate the comic?

Zachary Lewis says:

I like it.

Gaya Kessler says:

Yeah, I like it =D

penguinarmy says:

Zack, stop with the penguin on penguin hatred.

Waf says:

Yeah Zack/h even though you didn't write this comic, or draw the penguins in it. I am appauled with you penguin on penguin hatred.

Zachary Lewis says:

I'm so sorry.

/me cries

eric carter says:

great comic heh. :)

SiBert says:

Um I'm not on MSN but I saw the end of azumanga.


Waf says:

Oh, you're awake...

I screwed up...

Osaka-San! Why are you holding a knife!

Huh, I thought I was holding a frying pan.


Skittles says:

Where's MY anthrax? I feel unloved...

Waf says:

Where is our transcribed comics Skitzo? I'm massively disappointed.

Skittles says:

on OhNoRobot???

I did one... the next one will cost you.

Waf says:

I will give you one panel of a comic for every 3 you transcribe.

Skittles says:

I earned a panel.

Tis Late.

Have you ever noticed how JaB feels super late, when it is a little late after it has been a little early.

Regardless, although it is standard procedure for me to jump in and finish the comic if Zach doesn't have it done by Sunday. I'm not going to do that this week because thanks to finals I don't have a life until Tuesday @ 7 PM EST. (Also Zach said he was gonna do it so I see no need to step on his toes).

Hang in there I'm just as excited as you are.

It's Lies

The way Art and I work is thus: Art sends me raw panels and I upload finished comics. I just finished my finals for the week and moved back home. I will try to get the comic done tonight, but if not, it will be up Sunday. Sorry for the delay.

Not gonna be a TDiS this week.

Sorry school comes first and this is exam weeks. Currently though I've had exams in Physics and Biology and made it out of the classes with an A and a B+ repesctively.

But I got a hardcore Organic Chem exam this Tuesday along with an Anthropoly so wish me luck

Oh Noes! Robots!

So, if you have been attentive while reading our famous archives, you may have noticed a "Transcribe this comic!" banner near the bottom of the page. Please click it and transcribe the comic.

It's a service called OhNoRobot, and it allows web-comic authors to have their readers help transcribe the comics for easy searching. Want to find the comic where Jack rubs oil on himself? Well, you can search for it?that is, if it is transcribed. It's easy to do, and it saves us a lot of work.

It's optional, of course, except for Tulsileaf and Skitzo. Art says: "THEY HAVE TO DO IT!" So, do it.

Thanks a ton, ladies and gentlemen. It means a lot to us.


I got exams coming up next week and the week after. I'll try to knock out next week's comic tonigt.

JAB Gets Fancy

The days of loading and reloading the same page are over! Yes, that's right. By harnessing the power of moo.fx, Jack of All Blades is able to display both comics and news on the same page. Simply click "comment" to leave a comment. To get back to the news, just hit the "News" header.

Now, read the comic, click the buttons, and have a damn good time.

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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