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Aja says:

Haha! Wow. When Marbles said, "I love you, carmel apple," he really fell in love with the caramel apple. XD

That is disturbingly cute.

Guy says:

Is the captain gonna be important to the rest of plot, seeing as how he's married to marbles now? or will he stay home, cook and look after the kids?

Josh says:

This is wrong, funny

Skittles says:

Sweet.... hahaha! I approve... Carry on.

Waf says:

Skitzo if you don't stop stealing that line from me I'm going to beat you with a golf club.

MaximusCoolman says:

All together now...

Skittles says:

I honestly and for truth have no idea what you're talking about... Since when has the line "I approve" belonged to anyone?

Waf says:

I had said it several times on THoIR and DC and now your doing it. And imitation is the greatest form of fattery, and I'm too fat as it is.

Skittles says:

You suck... I say it because I mean it. You say it because you want to start a revolution... I'm true art, you're just a fake. I'm a wordsmith, and you're a word stacker. So... I guess what I'm trying to say is that I pretty much rock at life.

MaximusCoolman says:

You could say you win the internet.

Waf says:

Or I could just edit his post to say whatever I like.

anonymous says:

Learn how to vector, fag

Waf says:

Thx Marsh.

Young says:

people are soo cool on the internet. I wish I could be that cool!

Rowad says:

I think Captain Apples' expression in the last panel is PRICELESS

Happy End of Chapter 3.

Well I suppose I came on a nice number. JaB is officially over the hill at end of chapter three. Does this mean chapter 4, 5, 6 will all be down hill? Probably.

Easter Snakes For Everyone!

"Another day, another dollar."

It's a popular adage that basically says: "If you work for a day, you will earn one dollar." Not being one for adages or sub-minimum wage, I bring to you a new comic. It's free for you, and the things I learned while making it are worth more than dollars. They are worth piles and piles of smooth, sugary Peeps.

Yes, that's right?Easter is just around the corner. So, what does this mean for us God-fearing web-comic artists? Eggs and disgusting jelly beans everywhere! Oh, how I love this holiday.

It has to do with Jesus, so we get presents. It's like a tiny Christmas in spring. I plan on heading on over to my local church and winning the Easter Egg hunt. I don't mean having fun and winning, but completely and utterly decimating the competition. I will find little girls and knock them down and steal their (Easter) eggs. They will cry, and I will say: "Shut up, you poor loser!" Then, they will shut up.

Bring on the eggs, Jesus. Bring on the eggs.

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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