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Skittles says:

mmm.. nasal vomit...

Skittles says:

Shwoah... it changed... a lot.

Waf says:

Zach apparently came in and did it and just replaced what I made.

Zachary Lewis says:

You said if it wasn't up by today then you were going to do it. You did yours early. =(

Wesker says:

mmmm... Hot Tsai-on-Zack-on-Jill magic. I can see the pictures allready. I think I spelled allready wrong. Too lazy to look it up though.

I like the smaller look, though. It's not as hard on the eyes.

Wesker says:

oh, crap. Jack, I meant Jack.

Waf says:

I made my original post late Saturday Night, then true to my word made the comic Sunday night. Course if you read the post I made yesterday, you could a told me you intended to make the comic and saved me an hour or so worth of work.

Zachary Lewis says:

It only took me 15 minutes. =P

Waf says:

Which only furthers my point. Course on mine I spent a lot of time doing a fancy custom panel job.

MaximusCoolman says:

Obviously you need to put them both on the forum and get your readers to vote for the one that should stay in the archives.

Waf says:

He did a better job with the bubbling so I vote his.


Now that Zach has come back (like 30 mins after I did the comic for him) I can bring your attention to more important matters. Like a video of a penguin walking around town wearing backpack shaped like a Penguin.

Tomorrow != Tonight

So, apparently some people don't know the difference between "tomorrow" and "tonight". Although, I am partially to blame?off the face of the Earth is a very long way away. I just wish people would keep the faith when it comes to comics and whatever.

Enjoy the comic tonight, guys.

I have no idea where Zach is.

Zach, if you read this. We aren't on a Lacuna or anything the comic must go on!

In other news. Happy Birfday SiB.

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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