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Skittles says:

Ugh... I'm really sorry guys... I like the comic, but I see errors... more than one.

Panel 1: "when beat the crap"
"when you beat the crap"

Panel 2: "Jack if don't help"
"Jack if you don't help"

Panel 3: "to possibly met his god"
"to possibly meet his god"

Panel 4: "else she wouldn't of become"
"else she wouldn't have become"

All but panel 4: "Coliseum"
Actually, I just checked and it can be spelled either way... so ignore my last one. Dang... I don't have one for the fifth panel... Wait!

Panel 5: "Meanwhile in an alternate"
"Meanwhile, in an alternate"

Skittles says:

That last one goes for panel 4, too.

Skittles says:


Waf says:

Consider it fixed. Thanks Skitzo.

Guy says:

How did Jill becoming a druid make Jack a hippy and Waf wear what looks to be seal skin? (TDiS reffrence ;o)

Waf says:

Chaos Theory.

Skittles says:

I'm a bastard, aren't I?

Waf says:

I asked you guys to fix the typos. You'd be a bastard if you told me to fix stuff that wasn't wrong.

Waf says:

BTW, my favorite part of this comic, the title.

Skittles says:

I like the pie.... but that's not really in this comic, is it?

Young says:

Why did you make me learn something, by reading this comment. I only have a select few brain cells. I don't want to waste them learning. Shame on you!

Young says:

Oops I ment comic.. See what you did?

Me!!! says:

i like hippy Jack's bubble color

Yeah the comic isn't up yet.

Much like last week Zach is gone and I don't know where to find him. Hopefully for you guy's sake (I'm sure Skitzo doesn't want to have to proofread my stuff again) Zach shows on up tomorrow and knocks it on out for us. Otherwise once again I'm gonna have to step up and do the stuff that I'm not good at. (Fortunately this week's is very easy. To the point Zach will probably be mad that he missed such an easy one to do). Anyways, it will be up tomorrow come hell or high water. Sorry for the 2 day wait.

Pro Player

This weekend, I participated in a Two-Headed Giant Magic: The Gathering tournament. My other head, Jonathan Hickerson, and I went to place 5th of 20 or so teams. We got some sweet cards as prizes, but we were cut out of the Top 4 by one-hundredth of a point. It's okay, though, because I had a great time. Sorry Art had to remake the comic for you guys. I promise it will be better next week.

Thanks for making up for my shortcomings, Art!

Ok do me a favor.

Zach originally put this comic together last Thursday, but there were several errors so we couldn't put it up then. As you can tell from his news post school has been kicking his butt so I decided it was my duty to him and you the readers to cover his back for him and put the comic together. Because I redid it myself there is probably typos galore, so if you spot any lemme know in the comments or PM me on the board. Thanks Guys!

Sick On My Stomach

I don't feel well at all. I'd wager a guess as to my sudden malady, but I'd feel silly if I told you that I was worried about a test.

The thing is, today's Electronics test is a Win/Win situation. If I make above an 80 then I will stay in the class and have an 80 on my test. If I make below an 80, I will drop the class and not have to worry about anymore Electronics. Gee, I hate school.

Today's comic felt rather grueling. I think it is because the entire time I was working on it, I wished I was studying for Electronics. This week is so full of schools and craps and stuff, and I am truly sick of it all.

In other news, I placed 19th out of 58 at the Magic Limited PTQ last weekend, and I submitted my report to StarCityGames! Also, I have been writing more over at my pet project, I, Revolutionary!, so you should go and check it out. It'll be fun.

Zach out!

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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