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Young says:


Zachary Lewis says:

JOAB sounds so trite.

Cut that O out. :)

You don't tell the lies, however.

Young says:

Fine i'll call the strip JOB from now own.. Is that better? Course doing a weekly strip feels exactly like a JOB. So it's fitting.

Aja says:

**decides to start calling the comic JeorB just to mess with Zach**

Heh! Great episode. Tsai's pose is inexplicably funny.

Skittles says:

So what happened to the real Marbles? He was quirky and exciting... Plus, I love Strongbad.

Waf says:

Marbles is still about. He just didn't have any lines or do anything significant in the last two comics so he isn't in them.

Skittles says:

sure... YOU say that... for all we know, he's dead, or even worse, you have him hidden away in one of your sweat shops making his own plush dolls, which will be on sale in 2007.

Waf says:

Why do I have a feeling this is the start of death threats to me for not making the every comic Marbles based.

Young says:

this isn't a comic about marbles? i thought Jack was just a secondary character. Did Tsai fall over since he was top heavy? that hat looks heavy.

Waf says:

Actually the biggest thing I like about this comic is when I sent it to Zach I told him to have Tsarbles speak gibberish in the first panel, and I was expecting something like "Monkey Banana Crunchy Tortilla Butter", but instead he put it in a weird symbol set which is way cooler.

Zachary Lewis says:

I do what I can.

Insomniac says:

Ok this is funny. I quite enjoy your comic, for mine own.. is just as immature and random as yours... except mine has sexy bunnies..


Anyway. Keep on drawing and writing and I will keep on reading em!


MaximusCoolman says:

Hey, you can't shamelessly promote yourself without actually providing a link. Provide a link!

Waf says:

Click his name Max.

Insomniac says: woot woot shameless promotion woot woot ^_^. Now remember boys. I dont draw them.. I'm just draw them :D

and I'm a girl!!! :D

MaximusCoolman says:

Hmm, it doesn't seem obvious that a person's name would be a link to their site, I suggest changing that.

Zachary Lewis says:


Insomniac says:

Haha I didnt realize it till you said something.

HardCoreLogo says:

I like sushi.

SiBert says:

This page does indeed make me very happy.

Zachary Lewis says:

As does me.

Young says:

A b in circuits 2. That is soo unacceptable!

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I was wrong.

Apparently, I rock the world at school.

Music Appreciation: A
Data Structures and Programming Techniques: A
Java Lab: A
Circuits II: B
Calculus III: A

Whoo diggity! Comic will be up soon!

Yay I'm ahead of the game.

I got my comic half for next week already done. I am soo cool and popular. Little to report here I got two exams on Thursday and they are going to SUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!

WoW + Exams + Comics != Passing Grades

The title pretty much sums it up. If you are ever on Alleria, send a tell to Kryyal (Horde) or Rebuild (Alliance). Maybe we can quest.

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