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Squee says:

Alt Text idea:
Nice grip

Shazbot says:

Get a grip on yourself, man!

Yeah, This Joke is Pretty Uncalled For.

Definitely a joke I might of passed up in The Day it Snowed, but I went there, came back, had to run back out to the grocery to get some milk and came back and I regret nothing!

It had to be done.

Okay, okay, so we threw in a subtle penis joke in that one. What can I say? I?m sorry.

If I am not mistaken?which I am sure I am not?it is mandatory that all new comics feature at least one of them in the first five strips. (Note to Art: I know it said at least one, but surely having all of them be penis jokes is a bit over the top.) I mean, look at any good web-comic. Every single one of them has crude jokes shoved in there somewhere. As a matter of fact, it is hard to find one that doesn?t have crude jokes!

What does that have to say about the Internet community? Well, it probably says we are all just a bunch of college kids who act like we are fourteen, but I didn?t listen all that well?I was too busy watching scrambled porn.

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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