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Jante says:

My uni started the 15th so I've already been at it for a while. Stay strong! :D

young says:

nice strip. about your comments you guys are posting? how are you supposed to know who posts what? is it generic waf on the left zach on the right?

Ashley Schmidt says:

Zach is on the left, while Waf is on the right.

Waf says:

Whoops we did keep our original sides. Apparently we don't have our email links to specify who is who though.

Guy says:

Very nice, can't wait for the next one.

Ashley Schmidt says:

Hey, where is the new comic? I was looking forward to reading it. ^_^

Guy says:

Yarr, shiver me timbers, t'is not up yet you scurvy dogs!

"Release your inner pirate." -Me

Waf says:

Zach is finishing it up today. As long as it is on the server before midnight we aren't late. This is just out first time to not be early.

Zachary Lewis says:

The only time we get comments about the comic is when there isn't one. ^_^

Jante says:

Seriously. Where is it?

... I couldn't resist :D

Andrew says:

Hehe, this is a pretty fun webcomic.

Hey Reader!

Hey it is me. I've been in college for the last week so I don't have much to say. Ermmmm... Hooray for comics?

Back to school.

Tomorrow I am going back to school. If you go to Tennessee Tech, feel free to stop by and say, "Hi!" I'm in the Murphy dorm, so you should be able to find me fairly easily.

New comic today. I hope you enjoy it!

Art Frederick

Joe Hills

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