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see317 says:

First post on first comic.
Thus, I am for all time the first poster. Noone can take that away from me! NOONE!

Noone says:

I'm Noone, so I get to take that away from you. Seriously, you shouldn't give out the names of people who can take stuff away from you.

(It's not one word.)

INUH says:

I've read through all of the archives, and this is still my favorite.

see317 says:


Yeah, I should be working right now.

nohemo says:

Greetings from the future!

Rico says:

Greetings from the future too!

thatonedude says:

Please do not stick spoilers in past comics. It's not fair to new readers and it's not fair to me after having put years of effort into this story.


Mouldy says:

omg, i can't believe that the comic used to look like this. come a looooong way Art.

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